DIY Lavender & Chamomile Bath Melts

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

For some reason I've had an influx of requests for the recipe for my lavender bath melts that I wrote about over a year ago. I posted pictures but never gave the recipe so here is it for all you beauty D-I-Y-ers! 

This natural recipe is one of my favourite bath time treats as it leaves your skin feeling super soft and smelling absolutely divine.

50g organic shea butter
50g organic cocoa butter
2 drops of lavender essential oil (per melt)
1 teaspoon of dried lavender flowers
1 teaspoon of organic chamomile tea

1.       Finely grate your cocoa butter and add to a glass bowl. Add your shea butter to the grated mixture.
2.       Place your glass bowl on top of a pan of hot water and stir until melted then take off the heat.
3.       Open a teabag of organic chamomile tea and sprinkle 1 teaspoon of it into the mix.
4.       Sprinkle your dried lavender into the mix and give it all a good stir.
5.       Gently pour your molten mix into silicone moulds (you can also use ice cube trays but I find the melts easier to remove from silicone). I like to use small pretty shapes such as flower moulds that are designed for chocolate.
6.       Add your essential oil (in this case lavender) to the moulds.
7.       Put your melts into the fridge to harden up for about an hour.
8.       Pop your melts out their mould and store in a pretty glass jar.

Pop one bath melt in a warm bath and wait for it to dissolve. Be careful as the cocoa butter can make your bath quite slippery. If you don’t want your bath to be covered in lavender flowers and chamomile you can always place your bath melt in a muslin cloth bag.

Feel free to adapt this recipe to suit your own personal preference and tastes. Other great combinations include lemon and orange with grated lemon zest or shredded rose petals and geranium essential oil.


  1. How many does this recipe make?

  2. Where did you purchase your butters?

  3. Considering 50g is just shy of 2oz the two butters are a little less than 4oz, add the drops of oil and the herbs, I would guess each recipe only makes a few melts depending on the size you choose. This total recipe is probably only 5oz at best. That's is not a lot. Those butters at $2.99/2oz. locally where Iive. Great gift idea, but only a few per person cause they appear pricey. I'm still gonna try them!

  4. If you have a Hobby Lobby, you can get them there in 2oz packages. Or on line at I have not looked anywhere else.

  5. many sites online sell cocoa butter and shea butter by the pound. You can get 32oz of one of them (cocoa butter I believe) for just over $8.