I’ve always been saying that I am beauty obsessive. However, I have a confession to make. I have never actually tried a MAC lipstick until last year.

Uh-oh… I know, right? This may come as a shocking news to all of you. However, let me tell you that ever since I tried a MAC lipstick, I’ve become quite obsessed with it. So now, I am quite a proud owner of an ever-expanding line of MAC lipsticks. And it’s growing, quite fast actually… Whooopsie!

However, allow me to rationalize that I am actually doing this because I wanted to help you guys in choosing the very best in my collection. Haha… So here goes five of my favorite MAC lipstick products:

  1. MAC Rebel – This is a lipstick that is technically not everyone’s cup of tea. This is because the stain can be quite dark. But let me tell you that the beautiful deep berry shade is actually quite bold and gives you that oomph factor.
  1. MAC Fanfare – For those who love natural looking lipsticks, the MAC Fanfare is definitely a good one. I love its wonderful shimmer. Plus, it is quite rich and creamy and helps ensure that your lips are properly moisturized. So great for dry lips.
  1. MAC Speak Louder – Want your lips to have a dash of pizzaz? Try the MAC Speak Louder with a hot pink shade. Nothing says ‘baby beautiful’ like this shade. Wear it with a smokey eye and you are all done.
  1. MAC Plumful – Can’t decide on what color or lipstick shade to use? Then choose the MAC Plumful. It goes with literally everything. So you will not have any issues with mixing and matching it with your outfit and the rest of your makeup.
  1. MAC Shy Girl – Going for the casual look? Choose the MAC Shy Girl for that wonderful just woke up look. Try it now.