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Schwarzkopf Liquid Oil Conditioner Spray // £9.80 // HERE

I first used this when I stole a half empty bottle off my Mum. It’s essentially a hair oil, but in a lightweight mist formula. I couldn’t believe how soft it left my hair feeling – far softer than any other hair oil I’d previously used, plus it didn’t weigh my hair down like some oils can. It’s also an absolute steal compared to normal hair oils.


Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance Hairdryer* // £49.99 // HERE

This thing is an absolute machine. It’s made me realise how shoddy my other hairdryer was. It’s managed to cut down my drying time (seriously, how boring is it to dry hair) by about a third which is seriously impressive. The other thing I noticed is how lightweight it is. Some hair dryers can be clunky old things. I definitely get less arm ache with this one (I appreciate how ‘first world problems’ that sounds).


Mococcan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask // £24.75 // HERE

I honestly couldn’t manage without a weekly intensive hair mask, especially since I had my hair balayage in November. The bleach on the tips has made my hair incredibly dry so I do all I can to infuse some moisture in them, or at the very least, get them looking and feeling better. The Mococcan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask is lovely and does a good job of making my tips a little more manageable. As with all hair masks, this one works better the longer you leave it on. The old shower cap and warm head towel should do the job.


Tre’Semme 7 Day Straight // £6.99 // HERE


I use this every other week as it just seems to keep everything a lot smoother and cuts down on the amount of frizz I have. A fair few pumps smoothed through the lengths of my hair then blow dried and straightened means that my hair is easier to manage for the next few washes which is a big thumbs up in my books!

What hair care products are you loving at the moment? Please write in comments below.



Last Friday I was lucky enough to get to go to Paris for the day with work to do some beauty product scouting. I ticked off nearly every Parisian beauty destination and thought I would do a series of posts about the best places to beauty shop in Paris. First up, City Pharma.

City Pharma generally tends to be the number one beauty destination for us hardcore beauty addicts when taking a jaunt to Paris. You’ll find it on Rue Du Four with the nearest metro stop being Saint-Germain-des-Prés. It’s about a minutes walk. It’s very easy to spot despite not having ‘City Pharma’ written anywhere on the outside of the building. But you’ll notice it for the flock of women gathering inside and the bright green pharmacy cross. Unlike most French pharmacies it doesn’t shut at 2:30pm, it’s open until 8pm most nights.

Be warned if you do go in, it’s VERY cramped. I went in first thing in the morning and it was still busy. Compared to how big I thought it would be, it didn’t live up. It’s quite small, with narrow aisles and can feel quite claustrophobic. You’ll be saying ‘pardon’ a lot to other customers to get past them.

If you persevere though you’ll find a mecca of French skincare brands all housed under one roof. La Roche Posay, Avene, Filgora, Lierac, Caudalie, Bioderma etc – they have the lot. They’re also competitively priced compared to other French pharmacies so my advice is to wander round the smaller, quieter pharmacies first, scout out what you like, note it down then go to City Pharma armed with your shopping list. They like to do promotions too so expect products clumped together on deals and offers etc.

The staff are the epitome of Parisian chic all dressed in their immaculately white uniforms with stereotypical glowing French skin. These women know their stuff and most speak English so just explain (in French) you don’t speak the language and they’ll flip to English immediately. Use their knowledge, they work with these products every single day and if their skin is anything to go by, they certainly know their stuff. It’s not like Boot’s where the sales assistants are stacking shelves or behind a till (I’d know, I used to be one), instead their sales assistants are actively helping customers the whole time and advising on what they recommend. Personally I think it’s a lesson other stores can learn from (apart from you Space.NK, you fab bunch).

My top piece of advice is go prepared. Do your research beforehand. Go armed with a list, pick up a big red basket at the doors (you’ll need one) and if you can’t find something ask one of the many of assistants dotted about. I think that’s about everything but if you have any questions or there’s something I’ve missed and you’d like to know the answer to just let me know by leaving a comment below. Bon magasinage!


 14 things I learnt about beauty in 2014

1. Avoiding fragrance and essential oils in my skincare products has worked miracles for my complexion. Big shout out to Paula’s Choice for helping me see the light!

2. A couple of drops of Clarins Radiance Booster drops can make me look more alive, and less corpse, like in a few hours.

3. Mineral foundation is far quicker and easier than using liquid foundation and powder. It’s especially good on a cold and grey morning when you want some extra kip.

4. Co-washing is not for me. Hello greasy hair after two hours.

5. A skin fast (not applying anything after cleansing and toning) actually does wonders for my skin once in a while.

6. Salon-like shellac nails are achievable with the help of the nifty little kit from Sensationail.

7. There is no way you #wokeuplikedis

8. Coconut oil is AMAZING and can be used for so many different things. Hair mask? Check! Cleanser? Check! Cuticle balm? Check!

9. Whilst we’re on coconut oil, oil pulling is foul and not an experience I’d like to go through again.

10. Exercising might be good for you, but so is an extra half an hour in bed, especially if you’re already sleep deprived as it is. It’s all about balance.

11. Orange lips are surprisingly easy to pull off.

12. Your face mask can make a really effective cleanser.

13. Clinique will always be the queen of mascaras in my eyes (pardon the pun). Countless tubes of Lash Power and Feathering mascara were purchased in 2014.

14. Nail cleanser can add days to the longevity of your manicure. Formula X do an awesome one.