Beauty Tip: The Essentials About Essential Oils

You may have noticed all the rave about essential oils these days. They are said to be able to heal and beautify you – the natural way. Well, if you are wondering if there is some truth in that, you have come to the right place. Let us all know the essential stuff about essential oils because I also want to know.

I am an advocate of natural skin care and beauty products to keep us away from the adverse effects of the harmful chemicals which are sadly used in most commercial beauty products out there in the market. That is how I came across essential oils. There are lots of brands out there offering different packages of essential oils and accessories that they say you need to make you healthy and beautiful. So, before jumping into the bandwagon and ordering your very first essential oil starter kit, let us find out more about this quite controversial topic.

First of all, essential oils are oils extracted from plants through a process called distillation. Some also extract the oil from plants through cold press. These processes allow the plants to release oils that produce a certain aroma that are said to be beneficial to people’s health. These oils are then blended with a carrier oil so that people can safely use them on their bodies since the essentials are in concentrated form. For those thinking about buying essential oils, make sure you do your own research about how the company produces these essential oils. Once they use other chemical processes, they are not considered true essential oils anymore.

Second, you might be wondering what are the effects and benefits of using essential oils. The scent of the essential oils has healing benefits that is why they are used for aromatherapy. Some essential oils can also be applied directly to the skin so that the skin can absorb its properties. Different essential oils have different effects or benefits for the body. They say peppermint can help boost your energy, lavender can offer relief from stress, sandalwood can help you focus, bergamot can help heal eczema, rose can reduce your anxiety, and tea tree can help you fight infections and disease. There are almost a hundred different types of essential oils and each one has its own health benefits. Again, it is up to you to make your own study about the benefits of essential oils so that you know which you need to buy.

Lastly, essential oils do not have government-approved therapeutic claims. This is why I said earlier that essential oils are a bit controversial. More studies need to be done to certify their therapeutic claims so better be cautious when using them. Well, there are other uses of essential oils. I have friends who make their own blends and use essential oils for their homemade cosmetics, natural disinfectants, and air freshener. They want to use natural products for their skin and homes that is why they use essential oils. So, make sure you are well-informed before buying your essential oil starter kit. I also recommend you avail of the services of Home Energy Audit Tempe to make sure your home does not only smell fresh but it is also energy-efficient.

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