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Flatter Your Figure With 5 Dressing Options That Are Smart, Classy And Suitable

Although there are many inspirational quotes about how inner beauty matters, it doesn’t change the fact that the world would still judge you on the bulging waistline and stretch marks on the thighs. Clothes maketh a man, and also a woman! And smart and strategic dressing can create a perfect impression.

Read on to know more about the top 5 dressing options that can help you look slimmer, leaner and sexier.

1. Denim all the way

Denim is one fabric that has been in fashion since forever! Bell bottom pants to jeans – denims justify the love they get. Dark boot cut jeans create the most flattering impression for ladies who are bottom heavy. The material clings on to the thighs and flares open around the ankles, this adds on to your height helping you look leaner. Team it up with a light colour long top and fitted jacket and you’re ready for a casual day out.



2. Long dresses and tops

Wear well fitted clothes, don’t buy clothes that are a size too big for you, it only adds on to your frame. Also adding layers to your appearance is a smart way to look leaner. Team up a long straight cut dress with vertical pieces of clothing such as scarves, neck pieces and shrugs that add on to your overall height. Play with bold colours and textures for a better effect.


3. Strategic fabric arrangement

The fabric and texture of the clothes also play a major role in determining your overall appearance. Wrap a mixture of fabrics on the body to conceal the problem areas. Vertical cuts and crisscross stich patterns can cut down the extra fat of the body. For getting the desired hourglass figure you need a body hugging dress that wraps the body in all the right places. Throw in a cardigan to complete the look. You can also go in for plunging necklines and V-neck dresses that give a hint of cleavage.


4. Belts to keep the waistline in check


It can be a bit uncomfortable to wear dark coloured fitting clothes in summer. We’ve got the perfect solution for that as well. Wearing loose fitting light coloured dresses can actually be a good idea if you team it up with a slim but bright belt. Apart from belts, you could also use a waist cincher (read reviews here) to accentuate your body shape.

For a slimmer look wear a slip underneath.  Belts accentuate your waist and the higher you wear it the flatter your tummy looks!


5. Skimpy skirts and heels

Skirts make your legs look slimmer and longer. Team up a short skirt with high heels that looks flirty and sexy and you’re ready for a date! Short skirts go wonderfully with almost everything, from crop tops to button down shirts and blazers, it matches everything. Stilettos also add on to the height and accentuate your ankles and calf muscles. You can also go for a narrower toe and thin heel to look leaner. Also pencil skirts, blazer and heels create the perfect corporate look that screams sophistication and power!