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 14 things I learnt about beauty in 2014

1. Avoiding fragrance and essential oils in my skincare products has worked miracles for my complexion. Big shout out to Paula’s Choice for helping me see the light!

2. A couple of drops of Clarins Radiance Booster drops can make me look more alive, and less corpse, like in a few hours.

3. Mineral foundation is far quicker and easier than using liquid foundation and powder. It’s especially good on a cold and grey morning when you want some extra kip.

4. Co-washing is not for me. Hello greasy hair after two hours.

5. A skin fast (not applying anything after cleansing and toning) actually does wonders for my skin once in a while.

6. Salon-like shellac nails are achievable with the help of the nifty little kit from Sensationail.

7. There is no way you #wokeuplikedis

8. Coconut oil is AMAZING and can be used for so many different things. Hair mask? Check! Cleanser? Check! Cuticle balm? Check!

9. Whilst we’re on coconut oil, oil pulling is foul and not an experience I’d like to go through again.

10. Exercising might be good for you, but so is an extra half an hour in bed, especially if you’re already sleep deprived as it is. It’s all about balance.

11. Orange lips are surprisingly easy to pull off.

12. Your face mask can make a really effective cleanser.

13. Clinique will always be the queen of mascaras in my eyes (pardon the pun). Countless tubes of Lash Power and Feathering mascara were purchased in 2014.

14. Nail cleanser can add days to the longevity of your manicure. Formula X do an awesome one.