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Butter London Cuticle Miracle Kit

 I’ve mentioned recently how my nails have been experiencing a bit of neglect. They all broke off when moving silly, heavy boxes when moving into my new flat and I was left with short, stubby stumps. Not a good look. In a bit to rescue them I’ve been putting the butter London cuticle miracle kit to the test.

First of all, how lovely is the packaging? It would make a beautiful Christmas present for someone if you were feeling generous. Id love to open it up on Christmas.
Melt Away Cuticle Remover
I’ve always pushed my cuticles back with some cuticle oil then snipped them off with cuticle cutters but with this product, I haven’t felt the need. Applied to your cuticles and left for a good five minutes it breaks down and softens the dead skin cells that the cuticle is made up of. This makes it so easy to push back and leaves you with lovely looking cuticles (if there is such a thing!)
Handbag Holiday
This, for me, is the star of the kit. I can’t even begin to tell you how good this smells. One whiff and your whisked away to a holiday paradise with a piña colada in hand. Heavenly. It’s now found a firm spot in my handbag and I massage it in every time I get on a bus. It contains some cuticle loving ingredients to leave you with health, nourished nails.
Overall I’m super impressed with this amazing duo. Like I mentions earlier, they’d make a wonderful gift. If you fancy picking one up for yourself or someone you know you pick can one up from Amazon here.