Maybelline Color Tatoo 'Permanent Taupe' Gel/Cream Eye Shadow

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

This was a panic buy. It was 3 for 2 at Boots on all cosmetics last week and I totally didn't realise so my Mum said to me at the checkout 'quickly go pick something up!' and this is what I found! I'm really pleased I bought it because so far since I bought I've used it nearly every day.

It's a cross between a gel and a cream eye shadow - it sits nicely inbetween! I've found it to be pretty budge proof too. This colour in particular is fab for using as a base for building other colours up on and works really well as a liner too - it reminds me of the MAC paint pots a bit!

There are a few swatches of the shade above but these are very heavy swatches. It's possible to use a lighter pressure to apply these so you just get a hint of the colour.

One tip I would say when using these is work fast! Once it's dry, it's dry and it won't be budging anywhere! The only other downside to these is that I found the colour range to be quite limited. I think there are only around six and whilst I was in Boots there were only 3 colour options (probably because they are new). Apparently over in the states there's a much more varied collection so hopefully they'll wing their way across the pond soon!

The Maybelline Color Tattoos retail at £4.99 and are available from Boots and Superdrug.  


  1. I saw these in superdrug today and only the testers were left! But none of them had lids on so they were all dried up and solid :( I wanted to try them and see what they were like. I'm always wary of cream eyeshadow because I think they'll crease really easily, but these seem really good :)

  2. i think ill pick up the bronze and the gold shade they seem very pigmented and theyd look really good as an all-over lid colour when i cant be bothered with my makeup - just hope they dont crease!!
    <3 xx

  3. I really want to pick one of these up, like many people have said,they're similar tomac pain pots. I think they look like great bases for eyeshadow. :)


  4. great post! just subscribed!

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  5. I really want one of these i had seen the Blue one and was in love!! <3