Monday, 12 December 2011

Make Up Academy Eyeliner Glitter Shade 2 REVIEW

So a few people have asked me to explain in more depth about the products I used in my first EOTD post which you can find here. I'll eventually get round to reviewing all the products I used but today I'll be talking about the glitter liquid liner that I used by MUA. I used this as a base and a tacky surface to attach my glitter but on it's own it's just as beautiful. 

As you can see from the swatch further below it's packed full of glitter so one or two strokes gives plenty of coverage. It's very similar to collection 2000's glam crystals which I also love. They retail at about £5 so are considerably more expensive than MUA's version but I like that collection 2000s have a bendy brush applicator. MUA's is quite stiff and can be quite hard to use if you want to cover a larger area for different make up looks. 

The best thing about this beaut is the price. As many of you will know all MUA make up retails at a £1. A POUND! How amazing is that? You could literally set yourself up with a brand new kit of make up for less than £20 which is think is rather amazing! 

This is with flash on. If you are wondering with the purple sheen is on my skin it's St Tropez new violet illuminator which I will be reviewing later this week. 

There are also a few other shades that MUA do in the glitter liner. I'd love the try shade 1, 7 and 10. I think the silver would look beautiful for some NYE make up paired with some smokey navy blue eyes or something!

Without Flash

You can buy the glitter liner I used here from from the Superdrug website or alternatively pop into your nearest Superdrug. Not all stores stock it so check first! :)

Do you love MUA products? Have you tried the glitter eyeliner? Let me know by leaving a comment below!  


  1. I seriously want to try some of these liners now! And seeing your gold glittery eyes is making me want to buy products to recreate the look I love it so much! :D xx

  2. This is gorgeous, I just placed an order at their website and Im super excited to try out all the products :) Im loving the eye look that you created with this :)

  3. @Charlotte - thank you! You are so lovely :) go spoil yourself, a pound each! Happy days!

    @Christine - thank you Christine! Hope you ordered loooooads of goodies for yourself!

  4. wow that looks amazing! :O i seriously didnt expect it too look that pigmented or amazing wow haha

  5. Haha, I'm going to go treat myself this weekend! Can have a splurge without breaking the bank :p xx

  6. I have the felt-tip eyeliner by MUA, and I'm quite impressed given that it costs a mere 2 pounds!


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