Witch Hazel & Rose Water Toner

Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Witch Hazel Tree

Hi guys, I'm in Newcastle at the moment to see teh boyfriend and I'm only going to get chance to write a post today (I might not get to write one tomorrow or thursday as I think I'm going to be super busy!) I've just come back from a lovely walk along the beach in the sun and thought I'd do a quick post on a really simple toner that I use every morning. It's super light and refreshing and although toner doesn't do much physically the skin, it does make it feel nice and clean! So here is the recipe:


50ml Witch Hazel
50ml Rose Water 
5 drops of Lime Essential Oil
5-10 drosp of Geranium Essential Oil


Simply measure out your ingredients in a jug, give them all a really good mix then decant in to a pretty glass bottle. Store in a cool dry area and use twice a day after cleansing to refresh the skin and leave it feelign squeeky clean and prepped for moisturiser! 

You can make your own rose water at home. Simply remove the petals from a large bunch of roses. Place a double boiler. Cover the petals with some purified water and leave to infuse for a good hour on a low heat. Strain your liquid (it should now have a slight tint to do dependant on what colour of petals you used) and pour into a bottle or other container. Again, store in a dark cool place until you need to use it. Alone it should last about a week to two. 

And there you have it, a lovely DIY toner :) Any questions elave a comment below! Have a nice day!

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